Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This may be the last update until late February or early March. I'm moving to Portland in less than two weeks and won't have much time to listen to or write about music until I can get completely unpacked and situated in my new house. Thanks for reading. Stay Tuned...

I haven't reviewed any tapes in a while. What better way to get back into the habit than with 3 new ones from ABELIAN GROUPS RECORDS?

DROUGHTER - "Young Harm" c12 (Abelian Groups Records)

Two short sides of low end brutality from DROUGHTER's Kevin McEleney. I really love when noise releases are kept short like this. The artist is less likely to throw in filler when they've only got two six minute sides of tape to work with. My love of short releases probably stems from years and years of listening to punk/hardcore on 7" vinyl. I've pretty much trained myself to only tolerate 10-15 minutes of one band at a time. But this isn't hardcore at all. This is pure and simple harsh noise made by pure and simple means and done in a very effective way. I'm talking contact mics, distortion pedals, feedback, a tape recorder, and 12 minutes to kill. I'm totally into the burly as fuck lo-fi production too. Both sides are dominated by overpowering low-mids and sloppy mush but they still manage to sound huge and oppressive. Comes with a xeroxed insert on an unlabeled yellow tape. Limited to 50 copies.

CAUCHY-RIEMANN & SICK TO THE BACK TEETH - "Illness Transfer" c20 (Abelian Groups Records)

Ohio's CAUCHY-RIEMANN (a.k.a. Allen Cox) and New York's SICK TO THE BACK TEETH (awesome name!) team up for this 20 minute long collaboration. I love mail collaborations. It's always exciting to see what two very different artists miles apart from each other can come up without actually meeting face to face. The results are almost always interesting. This tape is no exception. The A side is ten minutes of tag team noise destruction. The artists parts are slightly panned left and right so you can hear what each of them is doing without it turning into one jumbled mess. They seem to take turns handling the low end and while I'm not sure who is on which side of the stereo field, I'm really enjoying the airplane nosedive sounds and squawking feedback. The B side is a little less harsh than the A side but no less entertaining. Synth slime slowly building and evolving Very intense, very ominous shit. Black tapes splattered with yellow paint. Limited to 30 copies.

CAUCHY-RIEMANN & ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE - collab. c20 (Abelian Groups Records/Parsimoneous Recurrence)

Y'know that spattering synth chirp that MITB/BASTARD NOISE is known for? That's probably my favorite sound in the world and it's also what the first side of this tape opens up with. This is another CAUCHY-RIEMANN collab, this time with Palmdale, California's ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE who I'm not really familiar with. Of the three tapes that Allen Cox sent me, this is definitely my favorite. There's a lot of my beloved synth chirp to be found on side A along with some jet engine distortion, buried scuzzed out vocals, and damaged guitar drowning in reverb. Side B is a much deeper, monolithic venture with crumbling distortion and tea kettle electronics. I dig. More paint splattered black tapes. Limited to 30 copies. &


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