Thursday, April 3, 2008

THE SLEEP SESSIONS - "Lead Into Gold" CD-R (Harsh Noise)

4 tracks from THE SLEEP SESSIONS, this time on the well respected HARSH NOISE label. Tim Oliveira and Bob Sato (a.k.a. STIMBOX and XOME) have been at it for a while putting out dozens of quality CD-Rs. Knowing what was expected of him, Dawid Kowalski seems to have finally turned out the Harsh Noise masterpiece we've all been waiting for. Okay, maybe not a full on masterpiece but this is definitely the most composed offering I've heard from him yet. The first track, "Lead into Gold Part I" is a 9 minute display of well thought out, magnificently edited harsh noise. The static crunch is broken up every now and then by raw field recordings and glitchy electronic sputter. There was obviously a lot of effort put into the recording/editing of this piece. The next 3 tracks continue in the same fashion with short glitchy delays and a very Japanese harsh noise sound. There's actually a surprising amount of dynamics (for how "pure" this release is) and enough change-ups and unexpected twists and turns to hold the attention of even casual noise fans (if there even is such a thing. "Lead Into Gold Part II" is my favorite track because of the distortion's utter brutality and extreme saturation towards the end. Comes in a standard jewel case with the bluish insert that HARSH NOISE is known for. All in all, another awesome CD-R to add to HARSH NOISE's back catalog and the first 'must-have' release in THE SLEEP SESSIONS' short discography.


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