Friday, December 21, 2007

TWODEADSLUTS ONEGOODFUCK - S/T fan disc CD-R (self released)

Boston's TWODEADSLUTS ONEGOODFUCK have been around for a few years. They're touring the US, putting out records, and their live show is a thing of legend (I'm serious, check on YouTube). They seem to be on their way up in the world which is pretty good considering how overly offensive they are. Ah yes... Power Electronics. That's what this is. TDS OGF start with your basic PE mold, take out the goofy Whitehousities found in a lot of PE, and replace it with shit-hot hardcore rage and pent-up sexual aggression. All the usual ingredients for PE are here. You've got the warbling synth, the obnoxious as fuck microphone feedback and of course, the token sexism and homophobia (ugh). But (unlike certain unnamed Power Electronics artists that bore me to tears) TDS OGF takes those ingredients and uses them to create an extremely high energy Power Electronics sound bordering on straight-up Harsh Noise and dripping with violence. It's like taking the ingredients for a chocolate cake and making a chocolate dildo instead. Wait, did I just type that? "Fuck First... Ask Questions Never" is my favorite track on here. The distorted PE vocals mix with brutal walls of distortion and make little tinglys up and down my spine. They keep it short and sweet on this one with six quick tracks that are over before you know it and leave you wanting more. Comes packaged in a very professional looking black digipack with a simple insert and gross cover art. Mastered by the mighty James Plotkin and limited to 200 copies. I have a feeling this shit is moving fast so get on it. Recommended for anyone who likes it naughty. Not recommended for the PC noisers.


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