Thursday, December 13, 2007

Spotlight :: GLAUKOM SYNOD

GLAUKOM SYNOD - "Hydrocephalizer" CD-R (self released)

This is the kind of "industrial" I can really get into. No dramatic goth bullshit. No sugary techno fluff. Just pure cut-up electronic brutality and noisy distorted rhythm. GLAUKOM SYNOD is the work of Frenchman, Gabriel S. Using a computer, Gabriel creates a noisy, fun, beat-driven experiment in musical schizophrenia. Because of his use of a computer. Gabriel is able to throw anything he wants in there... and he does. Unlike most beat-driven music, there is almost zero repetition. In the title track alone there are harsh noise like rumblings, field recordings, samples of an actual rock band, low drones, danceable beats, blastbeats, glitched out retardedness, and way too much shit to actually type out. Because of the constantly changing form, it makes "Hydrocephalizer" seem a little unfocused but that doesn't keep it from being a whole lot of fun. The next three tracks are very short, the longest clocking in at 2:31 and showing a more controlled (though not as fun) side to GLAUKOM SYNOD. Recommended for people who think they don't like modern industrial music.

GLAUKOM SYNOD - "Obsessism XXIII" (self released)

Another one from GKS. This one apparently came out before "Hydrocephalizer". A quick internet search tells me that this is GKS's first demo. The 10 songs on this release aren't nearly as all-over-the-place as "Hydrocephalizer". The beats are more danceable and there are lots of heavy metal guitar samples. This sounds like something I would have really been into in the '90s. Y'know? Ministry, Rammstein, Skinny Puppy, the whole bit. It's still noisy but not anywhere near the mind-fuck that is "Hydrocephalizer". Unfortunately the CD was too long for me. I lost interest about halfway through and had to struggle to listen to the whole thing. That's not to say it's bad. It's just not really my cup of PG tips. Worth checking out if you like your industrial to be in "song" form and mixed with extreme metal. My copy came with a super pixelated xerox cover and was hand numbered 433 out of 150.

V/A - "Reincremation" CD-R (Nhilistic Holocaust)

This isn't a GLAUKOM SYNOD release at all but a 4-way split CD-R that GLAUKOM SYNOD's Gabriel S released on his label, NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST. The 4 bands featured are IMPUREZA, ARSONIST, SUDDEN DEATH, and INGURGITATING OBLIVION. France's IMPUREZA starts things off with some awesome well-recorded catchy death metal (sung in Spanish?!) ala IMMOLATION or NILE but with more modern thrash metal influences. Totally brutal! Totally awesome ! Not what I was expecting at all after listening to GLAUKOM SYNOD for the past hour. The acoustic flamenco guitar was a nice touch too. That shit seriously made my fucking day. Next up is ARSONIST from Sweden. ARSONIST keeps it up with some brutal Cannibal Corpse influenced death metal. From the song titles ("Sadistic Necrophile Bed-Pleasures") to the relentless pounding blastbeats, their four songs reek of Cannibal Corpse and I love it. Germany's SUDDEN DEATH sounds remarkably similar to ARSONIST but with a slightly rougher production and a more old school approach to song writing. Last but not least is another band from Germany. INGURGITATING OBLIVION close this CD off nicely with a lethal dose of modern brutal death metal. No thrash or hardcore influences. Just straight up Suffocation worship. I haven't listened to this kind of over the top macho death metal shit since I was a teenager and I after listening to this CD, I wonder why I ever stopped. My copy was number 857. That's a lot of fucking CD-Rs!


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