Tuesday, November 27, 2007

FAT LEGS - "Ripe for the Harvest" CD-R (self-released)

What do I know about the husband and wife duo called FAT LEGS? Almost nothing! I've been in contact with Danny Milanese/FAT LEGS through email since this past summer. I even put out a split tape with them (scroll down a few posts for more info on that). Still though, I feel like I know nothing about who they really are. Why do they seem so mysterious? Am I the only one who thinks so? They seem like very nice people. I'm pretty sure the mystery of FAT LEGS is part of what draws me to them. Well, that and the fact that they make some very enjoyable, very unpredictable noisy music.

On "Ripe for the Harvest", FAT LEGS have created their most cohesive set of compositions yet. These four tracks take you on an incredibly haunting reverb-soaked journey through the way-the-fuck-out-there mind of Danny and his wife, Tiffany. Very seldom is DIY abstract music this well thought out... this conceptualized. As soon as the first track, "Sickle Cell Anemia" hit the one-minute mark, I could tell that this disc wasn't going to be leaving the CD changer for a while. All four tracks are full of buried drones, manipulated tape hiss, slo-mo synth slime, and an ungodly amount of reverb. The haunting ambience is overwhelming at times. This is definitely the slowest and most meditative I've heard FAT LEGS yet.

After listening to this CD 3 times in a row I've decided that this is essential listening for any fan of DIY homemade noise/drone. Expect to hear more from this band in the future. Grotesque cover artwork by Dan Milanese (as always). This CD-R is was put out in a limited edition of 50 copies. Chaoz Records (Netherlands) also helped put this out as a net release (so you don't have to feel too bad if you miss out on the CD-R). myspace.com/thefatlegs


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