Thursday, November 22, 2007

SUBURBIA MELTING - "Tired of Waiting" CD-R (Smell The Stench)

Illinois native and recent Portland, OR relocater, Andy Quitter (a.k.a. SUBURBIA MELTING) is back with an awesome CD-R of unreleased (collab.?) sessions recorded in late 2005/early 2006. Alot of Andy's recent recorded and live work has been dominated by the use of his beyond brutal homemade "spring bass" (which is exactly what it sounds like) but I think these recordings were done before the building of the spring bass was completed. What we have here are 8 untitled tracks that can get pretty hectic at times but stay mostly in a psychedelic, sci-fi sludge. I hear contact mics, strange percussion, squishy circuits, tea-kettle electronics, and (guitar?) feedback. This stuff isn't as balls out violent as the other SUBURBIA MELTING recordings I've heard but that doesn't mean it's any less enjoyable. "Tired of Waiting" is actually one of the more interesting noise releases I've heard in recent months. It comes off as being much more exploratory than the straight up harsh noise that SUBURBIA MELTING is known for. It's definitely more "musical". The packaging is nothing fancy however. A black & white inkjet printed single-fold cover in a resealable plastic envelope. The CD-R is a store bought thing with a small hand written label stuck to it. Judging by the rate in which SMELL THE STENCH puts out releases, I can understand the simple packaging but I still appreciate a little more effort. Fortunately, the quality of the music more than makes up for it. This is an excellent release. Recommended for any fan of noise or experimental improv. &


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