Wednesday, November 14, 2007



Santa Cruz, California's Federico Avila (a.k.a THE TWO-YEAR CURSE) and JOSEPH ANDREOLI team up again for another 10 (ish) minutes each of experimental improvised sound.

JOE ANDREOLI's guitar is so effected, the signal so damaged it sounds like a glitched out fucked up computer breathing it's last breath... whirring it's last whir. He could be boning up on his mixolydian shredding skills or he could be cramming the neck of his guitar into the cartridge slot of his calecovision. Who the fuck knows? Alien shred on the fritz.

For the first time, THE TWO YEAR CURSE does a 180 and uses all analog recording devices to capture all digital instrumentation (rather than the other way around). Free improv electronic drum-kit blasts break through the seams of spastic laptop generated feedback clatter. "I nearly broke the track-pad on that fucker!". Limited to 50 copies.

bff6- THE TWO-YEAR CURSE / FAT LEGS split c30

FAT LEGS, the mysterious husband and wife noise duo from Alberta, Canada rip out 15 minutes of beautiful female vocals, hideous male vocals, distorted keyboard damage, and zoned out electronic scuzziness.

After Fred Avila's recent forays into heavily edited, complex as fuck, mapped out recordings he gives up and goes back to basics. These are THE TWO-YEAR CURSE's most stripped down recordings yet. Slimey bubbling feedback kept at a simmer collides with non-stop brute force electronics and pissed off vocals that are more microphone feedback than human voice. Limited to 33 copies.

$4.00 ea. ppd in North America / $7.00 for both
$5.00 ea. ppd everywhere else on earth / $9.00 for both
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a copy of these tapes would be fucken cool cheeers leigh stench