Saturday, September 8, 2007

CIRCLE SIX - “Momentary” 3” CD-R (Annuit Coeptis)

Alright! This is the kind of release that really holds my attention. 4 tracks on a 3” means this is perfect for all the other ADD noisers out there. All 4 of the tracks are so different that you’d think they were done by completely different artists. The first track, “Frozen” starts things of with some mellow feedback that sounds like it could be coming from various digital and analog sources. Second track, “Cheale (long)” is definitely the harshest and most “noise” of the bunch with it’s hiss & squelch, hard crunch and fucked up retard-rhythm. Track three, “Holder” brings things down again with some ambient bubbling noises & soft synth and “Opening in the Ground” finishes everything off with a huge gitchy beat and massive divebomb tones. The music on this CD is so clean and perfect sounding I’m beginning to think that a lot of it may be constructed using a computer. This would be a good CD for someone who is trying to get into experimental electronic music but doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by the full on fuck-you-up noise of most noise artists. Contact CIRCLE SIX to see there are still copies available.


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