Monday, September 10, 2007


I recently got a package from Mikey at Lost in the Void records outta Texas. He sent me 3 CD-Rs. The sleeve art on these releases reminds me of some mid-90’s grindcore 7”s or something. Rough cut ‘n paste artwork and shitty computer fonts printed on bright colored cardstock. Like Bred on Deception, Avulsion, Godstomper, or Captain Cleanoff. Musically these CDs are nowhere near what those bands play(ed) but the artwork definitely brings me back to the days of scanning the dollar bins at Amoeba or Streetlight Records in search of shitty grindcore records. That's not to say that these releases are shitty. Far from it actually. Anyway, all three of these CD-Rs are available for $3 ea. ppd (intl. add extra postage) from...

Mikey / Lost in the Void Records
184 Sandy Ridge Rd.
Nacogdoches, TX 75964 USA

“...trades welcome and preferred.”

INSOMNIA / MB10 - split CD-R (Lost in the Void)

INSOMNIA (A.K.A. Jason Vizmanos) starts things off Illinois style with some very lo-fi squiggletronics. Lots of human voice source material bleeding through the tinny waves of cheapo distorted gunk. Total analog meltdown. I like it but I think INSOMNIA’s tracks could really benefit from an EQ boost... like a severe EQ boost, especially in the bass and low-mid frequencies. But what do I know? Maybe the itty bitty treblecentric AM radio sound is what he’s going for for. After 3 tracks from INSOMNIA, MB10 gets a chance to lay down 6 tracks of reverb drenched hissing madness and oddball weirdo noise. MB10 (A.K.A label boss, Mike Waggoner) has a strong grasp on dynamics, making sure not to pile on the harsh for too long. I really like the choppy start and stop insanity of most of these tracks. There’s a constant forward motion not found in a lot of noise which makes it feel like it’s actually taking you somewhere. He definitely knows how to create an interesting listening experience and does so with these 6 tracks.

EVERETT ROSE - “I’d Like to Kill You” CD-R (Lost in the Void)

Ummm... OK this is obviously a terrible joke. A terrible, terrible joke. The kind that makes you laugh at how not funny and terrible it is. Basically Everett Rose is a trashy redneck “tribute” to Wesley Willis. Wait a minute... am I laughing? Is this funny? I can’t tell if I’m laughing with or at Everett Rose. Check this CD out if you like extremely stupid and offensive music. Don’t check this CD out if you are at all a fan of Wesley Willis.

ACIN / MB10 - split CD-R (Lost in the Void)

Mike Scrivens’ project, ACIN’s first track, “Alive” starts things off with a burly synthy buzz which turns into more swirling crackle and buzz and the shit just doesn’t let up. Musically it reminds me of when my girlfriend’s trying to give me a buzz-cut and the shitty $10 shaver I bought starts crapping out (which happens every time we shave my head). ACIN’s tracks have a very “classic” harsh noise sound. Actually it's more like a slower, more contemplative version of all those spastic japanese “classics”. Of ACIN’s 4 tracks my favorite is the last one, “Undertow” because of it’s weighty buzz and bubbling crackle. Keeping in the “classic” vein, MB10 comes back and delivers 4 tracks of over the top pedal noise. These MB10 tracks are overall more harsh and in my opinion, even more enjoyable than the ones on the split with INSOMNIA. My favorite MB10 track on this release is “Invaded Space”, total feedback loop insanity left in it’s buzzy raw & unedited state. Apparently MB10 has been around since the early 90’s which would explain a lot. This shit is good. Wait... Can you believe I used the word "buzz" five times in this review.


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