Thursday, September 13, 2007

FLESHOBEDIENCE - Demo #1 tape (Self Released)

FLESHOBEDIENCE is a project from Marietta, Georgia. This is Kurt's first release and honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. I mean c’mon... the dude is just mailing these things out for free. So imagine my surprise when I popped in the tape and discovered it’s actually quite good. Harsh distorted vocals, wailing feedback and warbling lo-fi synth crust can only mean one thing right class? Right... power electronics! This is some mucked up shit too. For almost 15 minutes FLESHOBEDIENCE tortures the listener with his thick syrupy mess of electronics and black metal shrieks interspersed with obnoxious mic feedback. It could benefit from a little more forward motion but whatever, I mean this is noise afterall. My only real gripe... After the first side ended I flipped the tape over to discover there wasn’t a second side. What’s up with one sided tapes anyway? One sided records I can understand, but tapes? Boo hoo. Overall, a very solid first effort. Comes on a black tape with “FLESH OBEDIENCE” carved into it and a xeroxed j-card with minimal information and no art. Contact Kurt for a copy. Who knows, he’ll probably mail it to you for


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