Monday, July 23, 2007

BBBLOOD - "Experiment 50" CD-R (Transdimensional Sushi)

BBBlood is the UK-based noise project of Mr. Paul Watson who also runs the label, Transdimensional Sushi. Apparently this is his 50th release. What we've got here is just under 47 minutes of ultra dynamic, all over the place noise. Everything from delay pedal worship and knob tweaking to screaming feedback to distorted crunch and classic harsh noise. The occasional odd sound and volume dropouts let you know that this is the real deal, not some ultra-edited bullshit. The three tracks on this release are all fairly lengthy but they cover so much ground and move so fast you can hardly tell. My favorite of the three tracks is "Submissive" because of it's haunting chill-ass vibe. It sort of reminds me of the ambient mix version of Painkiller's Execution Ground. Rumbly, reverb soaked, and beautiful. The cover art for this release (by KEROZEN) is beautiful as well with lots of vibrant colors and the laser printing makes it look and feel very slick. Of all the releases I've gotten in trades in the past few months this one is definitely in my top three. Viva La Delay Pedal! Contact BBBlood to see if it's still availabe.

-Fred Avila

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BBBlood said...

Hey Fred glad you enjoyed it and yes there is copies still available. If anyone wants to get in touch we can do deals. I must update my websites!!