Sunday, July 15, 2007

RAPERIES (LIKE DRAPERIES) - "Diatribe" 3" CD-R (Self Released)

I aquired this CD through a trade with the man himself, Peter J Woods. 2 tracks on this CD. Packaged in a small plastic sleeve with xeroxed art. The first 11 minute track, "Our only downfall, pacifism" starts with something that sounds like a stringed instrument of some sort being plucked at random intervals. To tell the truth I have no idea what the fuck it is but it definitely has a slapstick quality to it. The "plucked string" sound repeats and picks up speed until it resembles the ominous sound of swarming bees or an airplane headed towards the Earth The gain is gradually turned higher and higher making the overall sound dirtier and dirtier. Then comes the hard distortion. Pretty soon the swarming nosediving plucked string is completely drowned out by distortion and I relish in the final Merzbowian minute.

Track two, "Our only hope,contentment" starts with a brief period of softness and what sounds like a guitar but soon gives way to growling & pig snorting through a mountain of distortion pedals. The over the top harshness is periodically broken up by the more ambient guitar(?) parts over the course of the 10 minute track. It sounds like R(LD)'s Peter Woods knows what he wanted to accomplish. This release is a very well "composed" and thought out. I don't know if he still has copies available but it'd definitely be worth it to ask.

-Fred Avila

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