Sunday, July 15, 2007

PRURIENT- Recycled Tape (RRRecords)

This tape was purchared from the CRUCIAL BLAST webstore, one of my favorite webstores to buy from. I can browse their "new additions" and blow my life savings if I want to. So in my last CRUCIAL BLAST order I got the new PRURIENT RRRecycled tape. For those not in the know, RRRecords' recycled tape are dubbed on old commercial cassettes that have been "recycled".

I put the tape in and because of my recent ventures into the torturous world of dubbing tapes. I automatically press "record" instead of "play" (!?!?!). It isn't until about a minute later that I realize I accidentally just dubbed over the beginning of the tape. Fucking hell. I'm bummed as shit until I remember that almost every PRURIENT release I've heard starts with a high pitched ear piercing feedback. So I rewind it, press "play" this time, and sure enough I'm treated to the soothing sounds of obnoxious ear piercing feedback. Awesome. Soon after that it kicks in to the harshness. Lots of feedback, crumbling distorted electronics and of course Dominick Fernow's heart breaking (?) screams. It might just be the me but it seems like the violent parts are more direct and well... violent than most PRURIENT I've heard and I love looking at the dB meter on my tape deck and seeing nothing but "in the red" harshness.

My favorite part of this tape is actually towards the middle when Dom quits for a while and you hear the sound of creaking floors, soft voices, & traffic. That only lasts for a few minutes though and then you're treated to more feedback, distorted synthy sounding drones, and pained howls. Side A ends with more traffic noise, birds chirping, and rain falling (?). I'm loving this tape. Definitely recommended to any fan of noise.

OK, the tape flipped over and now I'm listening to someones mid '90's mixtape. Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and now Alice in Chains again! Fucking awesome. Totally reminds me of discovering music as a youngster. Oh wait. Metallica just came on. Fuck this.

-Fred Avila

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