Monday, July 16, 2007

Out now on Blastbeats For Freedom... THE TWO-YEAR CURSE + JOSEPH ANDREOLI - Collaboration CD-R (BFF#4)

The Two-Year Curse (A.K.A. Fred Avila) and guitarist, Joseph Andreoli (one half of instrumental rock duo, Giraffes? Giraffes!) team up for two collaborative improvisations on one half hour long CD-R. Recorded in April 2007 live to tape. No overdubs. No edits.

Joseph Andreoli uses slide, fingers, and a bow to strangle fumblefingered looped pseudo riffs and beautifully harsh psychedelic noisescapes out of his effected guitar. Like Jimmy Page laying it down while bleeding to death from a bullet wound to the head. Fred Avila abuses drum machine, guitar, microphone, and a slew of old effects pedals to make freeform distorto-beats, filterswept static drones, breathy vocalisations, and obnoxious microphone feedback.

Out now on BLASTBEATS FOR FREEDOM in a limited edition of 70 hand numbered CD-Rs with covers made from recycled kraft paper.

Cost is $4.00 PPD in North America, $5.00 PPD everywhere else.
To order, Paypal funds to
...Or mail cash, check, or money order to

Fred Avila
41 Grandview St. #1405
Santa Cruz, CA
95060 USA

Trades definitely accepted!!!

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